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                        We offer free consultations with our attorneys on a wide range of legal matters. Our personal injury lawyers offer representation across South Carolina and parts of North Carolina.

                        We serve clients across South Carolina and select cities in North Carolina. Our offices are conveniently located in Rock Hill, Columbia, Spartanburg, &?Beaufort**, SC as well as Charlotte, NC. Learn more about the personal injury claim process here.

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                        Car Accidents

                        If you suffered injuries after a car accident, drunk driving accident, texting while driving accident or motorcycle accident, you may have a long recovery ahead. You may wonder how you will get money for your medical expenses, how you will pay for the damages to your vehicle or how you will get to work. Often, after serious car accidents, the bills are larger than the amount of the liability policy of the at-fault driver. Know that insurance companies do not represent your interests. Our attorneys work solely for your benefit and can work closely with you to find solutions to devastating situations.

                        Truck Accidents

                        If you are involved in an accident with a tractor trailer or any type of commercial truck, you need an attorney as soon as possible. Quickly obtaining the truck driver’s logs and records is essential to the success of a tractor trailer wreck case. The truck company and its own insurance carrier may be on the scene in a matter of minutes, seeking to control the evidence and fight your claim. Qualified attorneys will have accident experts ready to investigate immediately, legally demand that all evidence be maintained and secured as well as combat the actions of the truck driver’s insurance company.

                        Medical Malpractice

                        When medical professionals make preventable mistakes that result in injury to patients, our attorneys can provide legal support. It is important to know that not all bad outcomes of surgery or doctor visits will constitute medical malpractice. It takes an independent investigation by qualified legal counsel and medical experts to determine if preventable medical negligence caused your injury. We are happy to provide this initial investigation into your medical injury free of charge.

                        Wrongful Death

                        When an individual dies in a fatal accident, there are many victims. Entire families are emotionally and financially devastated from the loss of loved ones. While no one can change the past, a wrongful death attorney can pursue recovery to help ease the financial burdens so families can concentrate on their emotional recoveries. After a wrongful death, family members may have claims for the lifelong lost income of the deceased, medical and funeral bills as well as claims for pain and suffering.

                        Maritime Law

                        Across the Carolinas, recreational boaters, jet-skiers and vacationers flock to our coastal beaches, rivers and lakes. If you are injured on the water, you need effective representation from our maritime lawyers. Injuries occurring at sea are governed by a unique set of rules and regulations that are distinct from other types of claims. We are ready to uphold the rights of recreational boaters and tourists who are hurt while visiting North Carolina and South Carolina.

                        Federal Litigation

                        In certain situations, pursuing a claim in federal court may be in your best interest. Many trucking accidents caused by out-of-state corporations must be litigated in federal court, as are maritime law cases. Our attorneys are admitted to practice in federal courts and will be your trusted ally in guiding you through your claim in federal court.

                        Workers’ Compensation

                        Receiving workers’ compensation after an injury at work may seem simple, but insurance providers often do not want to provide benefits and will try to limit the amount of coverage you receive. There are many possible issues and pitfalls in workers’ comp claims, and our office pursues these cases in both South Carolina and parts of North Carolina. We also assist individuals with identifying and pursuing third party claims, which may provide more money to pay for medical bills and lost wages than workers comp alone.

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                        Our attorneys can provide you a free consultation. If you need a lawyer, call our injury attorneys directly or fill out our online contact form for our review. If necessary, we are willing to travel to your home or the hospital to provide you with a free attorney consultation.

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